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Friday, February 8, 2013

Settling In

Ahh.. it feels nice.  It is Friday, but feels like Saturday for me.  I have off from work, nothing that "must" get done. I'm having a nice bowl of granola with some mango, kiwi, and dried cranberries with a little kefir over it.  Sitting in bed, just finished a three day attempt to watch "Blood Diamond" with the usual tears I struggle at the end.  I'm nestled in to my bed, writing, and have a crock pot simmering away from last night that should provide effortless food for the next couple days.

I'm in a new home.  This is key.  A small two bedroom in Bed-Stuy with one other guy.  He's a key figure in Occupy and a pleasure to live with.  No more neurotic land ladies on power trips, no more economic half-way houses in the hood, modest accommodations for a modest, stable life.  It feels good.

Anyone that has read these blog posts over the last several years knows that has not been the case.  Ups and downs, unemployment, homelessness, struggles on every level, but now things seem to be settling in.  My job is good.  I'm not making much money, but I'm making rent and needs.  I also end up with probably on average 2-3 dollars and hour extra in tips.  Money that will go directly to Sierra Leone and maybe to a new transmission for my car so I could think about selling it. I've got ten Phd applications in, one has come back as a rejection, the only decision thus far.  But despite deja vu type fears of a recurrence of years past, I still think I'll find a home for next year.

For now though, I'm quite happy as am.  Funny to say that three days into this, but still, I know myself and life well enough to know this is going to be fine.  I caught myself looking at a nail on the wall and saying, oh, I can bring my scroll from China and put it there!  And in the kitchen I was already mapping out the verma composting (with worms) process and thinking about a small roof top garden for the spring and summer!  Gotta have my kale!!  The perfect crop for me, hardy, sturdy, and will survive anything!

All told, I'm doing ok.  I need a few things like a dresser and such.  But on the whole.  I finally feel whole again.  :)