What started as an awareness raising and ethnographic styled walk through Sierra Leone, this site now details the encounters of a not so academic academic who spends more time occupying Wall Street and squats than a university...

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


So the flight went well. I didn't feel the full on relief I thought I would once we took off. Just seemed to revert to the old flight mode. But getting in to Brussels felt good. I went to the spiritual center and did some chi gung, was nice. I grabbed some cheese and such and took a little nap.

Getting on the flight to New York was more of the same. But I specifically picked Jet Airways because I, A, love Indian food, and B, because they have a great entertainment set up. I knew I'd be drained after the time and really wanted to just have some good food and relax. :p I love it when a plan comes together!! When they delivered my food and took my first bight was when I finally said, ok, now I feel good.

The plane was only half full and I got to lay across the four middle seats and watch 3 1/2 movies. The attendants were great, they gave me extra food and water and just generally were were too nice. So much so that as we were getting ready to arrive they brought me to the back and gave me a bottle of wine and a couple beers!! Funny that I always make friends like that. And you all poke fun at me because I'm too friendly and talk too much!! Lol!! That's the way the world should be!!

The evening was not quite so nice though. The second meal I ate on the plane didn't sit well with me. And once I got home, it all came right back up. I spent the evening vomiting. Not fun. I still feel pretty much like rubbish here at 3am, but a bit better. Worst little bout of that I've had in a long time. My mother thinks its nerves and my body finally letting go of all its been through. My bro was saying the change of food. Three continents worth of airline food!! Who knows, whatever it was, I'd rather not go through it again!! Lol.

But I'm home, never really hit me much, but I also didn't have the chance to take it all in (as it was all trying to get out!!) but we'll see today. Gonna go watch the Giants game from Sunday...

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Alive and waiting

So I'm through immigration, just waiting for the plane. Not much of interest today. Had lunch with Hawa and her family. I talked them into cooking with no MSG and I tell you what, it was soooo much better!!

Otherwise, got an email from Kaps. Crazy!! Will have to write it out in a full post, but was basically that I made it all up against him so I could claim money from insurance, except that I never filed anything against him!! I just told people what I think happened. Oh, and he never finished paying me for the hard drives. So what does that tell you?? Bottom line, what do I really have to gain by paying $1500 to fly all the way to Sierra Leone to file for a few hundred dollars with insurance, but then not do it? Lol, wow!! Anyway, so much more to it!! Will explain latter...

Otherwise, just chilling, ready to go... ;) lots of airport pics for you Greg!!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

An adventure but not comparatively

So I made it to a guest house right across from the airport. It's a dive, but it's got power and a lock on the door!! I could never have found it without my next beautifully white knight: "Hawa".

I had a lead from a friend of someone here to help me find a place. The bike taxi driver took me to the wrong place (first time being on abike seemed dangerous..lol), and then helper guy went a bit crazy, so I went out searching on my own. Some people tried to help me, but then it turned out they actually were trying to overcharge the "Opotu"

But then in steps a group of nice people trying to help. When people here see a white person they charge them a little more and they think you want nice expensive accomodation and canned meat. But the minute you tell them you are in need, that someone in Sierra Leone stole your money, they seem ashamed. And they go out of their way to help you. Time and time again this past week. Hawa took it upon herself to physically take me to several places until we found this one. She knew the owner and helped me negotiate something I could afford.

Then we went out and got some street food. Actually me, she didn't eat much. It's the same here, they may not have eaten all day, but they will make sure you've eaten first, and pretend they're not hungry and have eaten. It was really nice, she's the first women here that within the first 10 minutes isn't say "I love you" or "I want to marry you". We talked for a good hour, set up my mosquito net, etc.

She is originally from Guinea, and just came here a little bit ago when her father passed. She is saving money to go to nursing school. Two years, for $750 total. Wants to start in January. This part is specifically for my grandmother and grandfather. She is ethnically Fula, a nomadic cattle raising tribe of West Africa. And at one point she said, we Fula are all over the world, we are travelers... "so when I see another traveler in need, I must come to their aid!" with a non chalant smile. It is just like Gianlucca in Poughkeepsie!! How the world comes around!!. ;)

So I'm almost there, I'll be in the air in less than 24 hours and can see the airport and hear the planes. Talk to you all soon...

Off to Freetown

...not yet anyway, but seem to have sorted out a ride with an ex pat here from Manchester, UK. I was all geared up and headed out this morning. Just so happened that this guy saw me and offered a ride. But he had to take care of some other things this morning and thought we could leave at about 12. Two and a half hours in the car then and I'm at the ferry. I'm just hoping things won't come through as they have the rest of this past week.

The ferry leaves at 12, 2, & 5 apparently. Wanted to be on the 2pm one, but a free ride will help, so would wait for the 5. Don't have any place to stay near the airport yet, but what good would the end of an adventure be without some adventure? I really want some security with it all. But I'm sure the only time I'll have that is once I am sitting in my seat on the plane...

I just got a bit of a lead on some help... We'll see.