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Sunday, July 11, 2010


So over the last few days I have been experimenting with a system that automatically sends emails to people when a post is published on the website.  I know that some of these people have read the posts, yet it does not appear that this automatic feed is showing up as visits to the website.  Via google analytics I can see what the traffic to the site is, where it comes from, and a host of other things.  But my traffic has plummeted from almost nothing to nothing but me!!  LOL.  As most all of the people that might read my posts are on that email list, it would seem that it does not bring people to the site but rather just emails them the post.  Of course a main goal is to get people to read the posts, but it is also to get traffic to the site.  If I can't generate traffic to the site I will not raise up the search engines and get others that i don't know to see the site.

Sigh...  So I guess that I will have to find another way to keep people informed of new posts that will also generate quantifiable traffic numbers for the site.  Ideally there would be an email with a teaser and link.  Say the first paragraph of the post and a link for "more" if they want to read on.  This would allow for notification to go to those interested with a brief intro.  People would then have a choice as to whether they want to read further and it would generate traffic for the site if they did open the link.  Now where to find this...  Tricky business this website stuff...  ;)      

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