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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Naming the Non-Profit...

So this may seem like a bit of an obscure thought, but one thing that we have to do is come up with a name for the Non-Profit.  Really, at this point, all possible options could find space on the table.  It is really quite tricky as well because if you come to a name, the first thing that you must check is availability for a website.  This means everything today, as if you can't get a good web presence you really have nothing.

The company will be using a .org address and thus must find something that works with this.  I have always used name.com for web domains.  Right now I own a few options but am not satisfied with any.  For quite some time now I have used alternativeideas.org for another project of mine, and still have a goal and plan for that address.  I also own alternativeidea.org but this is virtually the same.  I had this sort of "alternatives" theme that I thought I could follow with everything including the non-profit. I looked into alternative solutions, transitions, whatever and anything.  I eventually found alternate pathways and reserved that.  It seemed fine at the time but I feel that I have grown away from it.

So here we sit, all these ideas and work done for the project but not much of a name to work with.  I have been toying around in my head with a name/concept that is close to me, but it is not available straight as written for a website.  It is a historical figure with little to no interest these days but that resonates quite loudly with me.  Ideologically his work fits extremely well into our concepts and I have already been planning on writing another ideology post in reference to his work and ours.  His name was Mozi and you can see some of his work here.  He was an ancient chinese philosopher that believed principally in equality and universal compassion for all.  I think it fits the project well, but I couldn't think of how to use it in terms of a website address in relation to this project.

Anyway, This is just an idea, but I think we need others.  Names are tricky, they are the first and last thing anyone ever hears of an organization, and the first and last marketing tool you have.  This is my thought with 'mozi' its interesting/catchy and it has meaning, but it has no website unless something is added to it.  Ideas are welcome, for anything and everything.  Help!!    

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