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Monday, August 30, 2010


Should the path of some of the trip be altered?  I know that most everyone reading this regularly will think of it as a good idea.  My original plan has been to pretty much step off the plane, spend maybe a week in Freetown, and then head off on my trek about the countryside.  Given a wealth of advice that I have been receiving from many people, Kaps' genuine insistence on taking care of me, and the project that he and I have been discussing, I have been more readily contemplating the possibly spending as much as the first month settling in, working on the local language, and getting to the point where I would be better prepared to go on my trek.

This idea may take some of the pure adventure and unimpinged learning out of my trip, but then again, I am there on a purpose, and that purpose is not for 'adventure'.  I have come to the thought that what I am and "do".  Is that I am a humanitarian entrepreneur (or something of this sort).  Despite what many people may want to think, I am not an aimless adventurer, I am not a backpacker or a hiker, I am a person with a deep humanitarian purpose that is much bigger than any of my own individual interests.  So therefore, this journey is about finding the best way to learn the most, identify what opportunities are there, and work to fit these options into my ultimate goals and principles.

Therefore, I need to be flexible.  If Child Help can take me in and get me up to speed on the country and help me learn enough Krio to be able to travel and do the rest of my work more efficiently then so be it.  I am there for three months, there is plenty of time to spend amongst the local people and throughout the rest of the country.

So if I decide to go this route, I would spend this first month working with Kaps and Child Help and may in fact be a necessity should anything come of the gamechangers proposal. For all we know, we may be getting ready to build an athletics track and set up a program for kids to use it.

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  1. That's great Timmy! Your purpose will take shape and unfold just as it is meant to.