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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

NYC and the Embassy

So amidst a hectic day in New York City yesterday I managed to squeeze in a quick visit to Sierra Leone's embassy to the United Nations (which also acts as a general consulate).  I didn't get much past the front door.  The receptionist was really it.  She was a very friendly and nice women, but a little shy perhaps, named "Mimi".  I don't think she really was used to a random white guy walking into the embassy and talking about going to the country to walk around the woods and villages for three months though.  I was trying to get her to tell me things about the country, to teach me sayings in Krio and to help me find local communities from the country.  I don't think she knew what to do with me!!  :)

The women that apparently was best for me to speak to regarding my project was not in that day and Mimi couldn't say exactly when was best to come back - only just to keep stopping in daily until she was in.   This of course isn't very helpful for me given that the city is a destination (and an expensive one), not an everyday occurrence.  It also tells a bit about how exact things there operate!!  lol.

As it was though, I gave her my contact information and website (really need some business cards).  If I was in the city regularly I would just wander by there all the time and say hi.  I figure if they get to know me they might be able to point me in certain directions or help in some way.  Over-friendliness can go a long way.  Puts people in positions where they just don't know what else to do by help you.  She did tell me to wait for the visa though, that I should come back in October for it.  Not sure I'll wait that long, but could let it get into September I suppose.  That's a pretty big thing not to have sorted out and left on your mind.

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