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Thursday, August 12, 2010


So I got a quick call today from Vibram Five Fingers!!  And if you haven't noticed... ;) I plan to do the whole trip wearing them...  I have called them several times regarding a possible sponsorship and a rep called me back today inquiring as to my project.  She listened attentively as I (long winded as I am) tried to throw the whole project into a couple sentences.  After maybe two minutes of this I got in a, oh and I'm a former division I athlete and plan on getting after it over there!!  Right from there she decided to take my email address.  So maybe D-I makes more sense, but whatever gibberish I mumbled throughout wasn't 'wrong', because she wanted to send me a prospective sponsorship form to fill out and send back.

So small phone call, that means nothing finitely, but big deal to me.  What would only cost them maybe $60's from their merchandise pockets, would be hundreds for me to buy retail.  Money of which I don't have and couldn't spend.  This would mean using one pair for the whole trip, rain, mud, or shine - with no socks!!  I definitely need two or three to alternate with.  So we'll see.  With any luck (which of course I don't believe in) they will be able to give me a few pairs of shoes and a couple T-shirts to flaunt over there.  I can picture the photo already, me "chillin" with a school room full of kids having fun, giggling, staring at my shoes, and snapping poses off for the camera!!  Nice!!  ;)

Who likes Timmy's shoes!?!

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