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Monday, September 13, 2010

One step at a time...

AT near Depot Hill
So yeah, I'm still functioning pretty slowly here.  This neck injury has completely thrown me off my game.  Struggled with things this weekend.  But I woke up today and got my self out into the woods despite whatever my neck feels like).  I really struggle when I can't exercise and run.  So I decided to take the hammock out and see what the deal was.  I gave myself a good mile and half (2km) hike uphill into the woods (gotta get some work in for my legs), then I followed a little side trail for a bit and set up my hammock.

I am quite impressed.  Once you get the hang of it all it goes up quickly.  It was more complicated finding the right spot than setting it up: how thick are the trees, how far apart are they, are there any other anchors for the flaps to tie on to, etc.  Of course the knots were tricky, but you know you can always make a knot that holds.. maybe not get it appart, but it'll hold!!  ;)  Anyway, I got it set up, and then spent a little time 'tweaking' it before I settled in for a bit of light afternoon reading/napping and chi gung.

It is pretty comfortable, and much more spacious than I anticipated.  I pictured myself mummy shaped with barely a turn allowed, but it was exactly the opposite.  I was on my back, my side, diagonal, knee or legs open, even on my stomach for a bit, there was plenty of room.  It is a bit tricky moving around though, but this may just be me being overly careful, as I just can't imagine the tiny little ropes would hold a whole lot of bouncing.
The temperature wasn't even 80F (25C), but the hammock definitely provided a bit more warmth than outside, and with the leg room I had I can't imagine I'd want to restrictive of a sleeping bag.  I would definitely need something underneath me though as there isn't much there in terms of insulation or mosquitos.  I may do well with just a lightweight wool blanket that could go under and over me as needed, and one of those silk sleeping bag liners.  This could give me some good versatility, and would be cheaper than the bag.

All told it was a good afternoon, five hours out and about, did some reading and slept for a bit.  It felt good, so I'm quite comfortable with it moving forward as my place to sleep.  I'm looking forward to getting 'off the grid' here though and on my own, in a new place where I can learn new things and help people.    

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