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Monday, January 24, 2011

Fast Forward

So here we are today and things are very different from originally planned.  By this point right now I was going to have things here in the US set up, a non-profit, a source of funding, etc.  We were going to have operational plans in place for Sierra Leone, and would be waiting on the district council to get things started.  I would have been talking about when to go back and how best to handle getting things there set up and moving.

Fast Forward... two months later...

I got off the plane November 23rd, two months ago yesterday.  A lot has happened since then.  Malaria, gastro-intestinal infections, reactions to medicines, liver, spleen, and kidney issues, imaginary frogs... all sorts of fun stuff.  So what.  Where are we now and how close are we to getting things done.  In the last few days I have been trying to get myself back into the game.  Yeah, I'm not the strongest or sharpest I've ever been, but again... so what.  Poverty doesn't care if I'm sick. 

So I have been trying to pull some things back together.  I have sent out some emails trying to see if I can keep everyone interested pull them back together.  I have spoken briefly with Yapo and touched base with Ikenna in Sierra Leone.  Yapo has been supportive under the circumstances, but as I said, poverty doesn't wait for anyone - least of all me - and there is always an undertone of urgency there.  He is looking into the projects that we have discussed with the district council and where things stand.  He also seems to be trying to get his head around a computer training and internet project there in addition to possible donation situations.  Our junk, is VERY usable there.  Agricultural equipment, welding, tailoring, carpentry tools are all needed in the country and are mostly free of import duties.  Obviously, our old computers - too slow 18 months later - are just fine for basic computing and internet work there.  

So as it is, the options just continue to mount up.  It comes down to feasibility and logistics.  Are there the means and is there the will here to get things done.  This is something that we will have to explore.  Setting up a non-profit is not a simple endeavor, nor is it free.  Especially without money or a job.  Right now we/I am looking at multiple pathways both for here and Sierra Leone, for both myself personally and the goals we've been looking at.  Multiple options to diagram in another post...  But I will say this... the easy way is always easy, the hard way is always hard, which way is always more rewarding?     

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  1. I am sure it's a process and a big project that will eventually fall into place like a gigantic amazing puzzle.