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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Occupying Wall St!!

So we are actually doing it right now!  After all this talk over the last seven months of "Occupying Wall St" there is actually a contingent of Occupiers sleeping on Wall St right now.  i.e. NOT a park near it or an atrium off it, but on Wall St.!!  Appears the NYMD has let up a smidgen and they are actually giving people their first amendment right of free speech and protest, and the law that says so long as a person doesn't take up more than half the sidewalk they can sleep there in protest!  It has been four nights now I believe.  I think I will be staying there tomorrow night and taking it from there.  But I'm kind of excited about it.  The appeal of sleeping on the sidewalk/park left me a bit ago for the more directly engaged intellectual and activist stuff, but all the same, the protest is the protest!  Lets do it!

This is a big weekend for me in a lot of ways as well.  Lots of stuff going on!  Tomorrow is the Port Huron Statement at 50 Conference at NYU of which I'm part of a panel on "Intergenerational Dialogue Between Veterans of the 1960s Student Movement and Occupy Wall Street activists."  (12:30 at Ireland Fieldhouse).  The Port Huron Statement was written in 1962 by Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) and was a big part of getting the civil rights movement.  Sadly though, when you start reading it you really get a sense of a couple things: one, society and its problems haven't changed one bit, two, the civil rights movement didn't really get much done, and three, that there were some really solid people out there trying to get things done back then!  So that's tomorrow.  Then Saturday morning there is a Think Tank meeting at 11am right before the Spring Awakening/City Wide Assembly.  Which should be an incredible family friendly event in Central Park South.  It starts at 1pm and will have an open space with lots going on: food, teach ins, good company, theater, and plenty of other stuff including regional and issue focused assemblies.  It will all be followed by live music in the park as well!

Sunday then of course will see the Farmworker Justice Rally at CHIPOTLE right off Union Square for the Coalition of Immokallee Workers who are getting abused by pretty much all the big chain markets and fast food stores in the country.  Then its a mad dash to work, and from there to the airport for a pick up - and all the while, while waiting anxiously to hear back from Rutgers about my future!  I'm on the waiting list there for Graduate School.  I also will be waiting to hear that night from a prospective part time job I interviewed for today.  Funny too, I can't remember what was happening Friday night, but there was something then too.  Crazy weekend, Ocuppying, thinking, working, waiting, futuring!!  I love it!

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