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Friday, April 27, 2012

Work Update

So the grand experiment that was Timmy the political fundraiser is dead!  Not that it ever sat so well with me anyway!  I had till Wednesday (the 18th) to show progress and be making quota.  It didn't work out.  It was an amicable split.  No drama, nothing too profound.  I will say though that I put myself in the most disadvantageous position I possibly could though probably as I spent the morning embroiled in my deteriorating domestic entanglement and running just over a mile at 6 minute pace to get there barely on time - with tears in my eyes for at least the first half a mile!!  Can't say I've ever cried and ran before that I can remember.  Anyway, so is life - holistic - one thing doesn't wait for the next.  No school, no job, and quite likely no girlfriend all in a few days.  What can you do.

BUT!!  I took a call mid way through the evening shift and already had another job, before I had even lost this one!  It's not a lot of hours, 10/week, but it will be a good start to move forward with.  It will be as a hiking guide and retail sales for an outdoor store in Brooklyn.  It really is so much closer to my heart than fundraising for sure!  It takes me so much further back to things like the Sierra Leone trip and such.  All the gear I put together, the research, all the time I spend out in the woods bouncing off rocks.  It's not enough to sustain myself financially, but it is an income for a quick moment while I figure things out.  In a month I will have a license to be a guide and I will have learned a great deal of things that will mean A LOT to me personally.  Things that I have really wanted to get further into for  long time.  It also may open some really interesting doors as well.

My first day was today (Sunday, 22nd) and it was all about training on the gear in the store.  But we did talk a bit about Sierra Leone and an idea I'd had while there about doing some trail marking to help the country with tourist trips doing ecotourism and hiking (as well as seeing how things are in another place in the world, a much poorer place than America). The one guy thought it might be a great thing to try to do through the store.  Wow, we'll see!!  Anyway, I loved it.  I'm sure it will bring some different issues in general, but on the whole I will just be learning and talking about the outdoors and spending time there.  At least it will be a nice segue to another place in life - either through itself, or on the way to someplace else.  Not to mention, its a job.  What else you gonna do! 

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