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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Cars suck

ugh.... my car... what a nightmare.  Having this car here in NYC is a disaster.  I bought the car for the job I had in Connecticut.  I had to as the job required driving all over the state.  I was desperate, both for work and thus for the car.  So I went to dealer after dealer and bought the best thing I could get financed as I didn't have any money.  I then proceeded to put almost 25 thousand miles on the car in six months.  However, when I bought it, no one bothered to mention that the car had a transmission issue.  $7200 for the car, but it needs a new transmission now and it didn't present any issues until after the one month warranty expired.

Fast forward to today and the car is worth $5000, but still needs that new transmission.  I owe about $4500 on it.  Between the payments and the insurace I am in for about $300 per month right now.  I want desperatly to get rid of it.  But I can't, I can't sell a car that needs a new transmission.  Nevermind for a enough money to pay off the loan.  And it of course makes no sense to sell it and then still pay the loan, not that I think you can even do that.  So basically I'm underwater on my car.

Then you add in New York City to this equation and you have stress.  Parking is a nightmare.  Alternate side of the street parking.... once or twice a week you have to go sit in the car for an hour and a half and move it around for the street sweeper.  Your whole week becomes planned aorund your car.  Moving it the night before, or that day, or scheduling time to sit in it, getting to where it is, etc.  Doing errands or driving based on when the street cleaning happens so you can park.  For example:  my whole schedule in leaving my parents in Rhode Island last week was so that I would get to the city by noon to get a spot in the 11-12:30 parking spots.  Of course it didn't work, I missed it, but managed eventually.  Looking for parking is horrible - especialy in the Greenwich Village.  You can spend an hour driving around.  Brooklyn is much better, easy to find spots, but I'm mostly in the West Village right now so tricky.

Anyway, point is.  I hated cars before I came to NYC.  I don't like what they do for the environment, I don't like having to maintain them, and while I don't mind driving them, I hate that american society relies on them so much.  Give me public transportation and something to read please!!  Or a bike!  I can get my exercise in and commute!  (that's what I'm working with now).  But anyway, here I am stuck with this car.  I can't get rid of it, I have to deal with it, ad I have to pay for it.  Oh wait, I have no money, I have no job, and in another few weeks don't have a place to stay either - except maybe in that car.  Needless to say, my stress levels are high.

So last night I go out to the car to head to Rhode Island to do some work for my parents, and whoops.... it doesn't start.  #@%#$%  All there is to say about that.  Can something go right??  Please???  I hate that thing.  Something's got to happen here.  Anything...  ;)  But I've gotten countless job apps in over the last couple weeks and two interviews coming up.  So we'll see....  :)   

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  1. This is not just your story,it happened with me too.I bought a used Dodge and now I visits the mechanic frequently.