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Tuesday, July 27, 2010


I am beginning to understand why people spend tens of thousands of dollars to go to school, and so that they can then get paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to do nothing but incorporate companies/non-profits.  It would be great to have some cash to just get this done with.  I'm sure the NYCON people would help greatly and at not to costly of an endeavor.

The trick to our situation though is that we are trying to do something that is atypical.  We are not just trying to start a non-profit to operate locally in New York.  We are trying to set something up that, from what it seems in all my researching, is revolutionary in structure and requires a solid understanding of the specifics of New York, US, International, and other location's laws.  In trying to get my head around those laws/locales and planning the rest of the trip itself, it is a daunting task.  But then again!!  How does one get the difficult done easily?  They can't!!  ;)

As it is, I have a sample Articles of Incorporation that I've been working with.  But, even without having a lawyer on board, the information still has to be understood.  I need to get my head around the legalities of what the company can and can't do as it will dictate a great deal of how we do business.  I'll have to know what we're doing either now or later... sigh...  guess its gotta be now, and its gotta be me!!

Anyway, how does this sound for the organization's purpose?
"The purpose of this corporation is: to support and provide developmental and regenerative services in areas of conflict or areas recovering from conflict throughout the world.  These endeavors shall include, however may not be limited to; economic and business development; community development; consulting services of various natures such as economic, social, cultural, political, environmental, or otherwise; security services; relief work; sustainable living and building practices, issues involving gender, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, or the related; health and sanitation; education services; civic participation; and/or otherwise."  
Feedback and posted comments would be greatly appreciated.  I just put down what I could think of on the spot.  But please, those of you reading this, add what you would want to see here.  What issues are important to you?  Some small things may fit into the existing categories, but think about what you would want done, what issue is important to you?  Hopefully when I am on my trip I can try to see what can be done about any of your suggestions, this is of course, a community centric organization!!    

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