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Sunday, July 25, 2010

New York City

Spent some time in NYC yesterday, walked about four and a half miles in total in the Vibrams.  Feet definitely feel it on sidewalk and concrete more so than in the woods and on natural ground.  My feet were fatigued in the same spots as in the 16 mile hike of last week, but not nearly as bad.

I must admit that being in the city was something that could be very productive for me.  I probably talked to about six people in-depth about the project, and really wish I had cards to give out.  This is going to need to become a priority in here this week.  People were very receptive to the idea and following it.  How much of this is idle pleasantries remains to be seen, but they were nice people, so we'll see.  It certainly will be much more interesting to follow once I am in Sierra Leone.  One person I spoke to was an elementary school teacher in the South Bronx who teaches in a neighborhood that is predominantly West African.  I am hoping to maintain contact with her for sure.  But I could see spending time in the city just talking to people, handing out cards and/or flyers, and seeing if I could generate some interest.  I think it is certainly a place where I could find a whole lot more interested and sympathetic people than in suburbia.          

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