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Monday, July 19, 2010

To do list...

So today is a day to try to get things done.  First things first, I called the NY Giants to see if while I'm away they could save some copies of the games for me so I could watch them when I get back!!  Lol.  Yes, I know, I have issues... but I don't want to miss the whole season!!  I ended up having to leave a message with the a PR lady, but the initial conversation with the community relations women "Jen" was positive!!

I spent some time working on Hammocks and found what sounds like some good ones, but there's no way I can get real far unless I can physically get out there and lay down in one or two.  the more you read, the more you realize how individualized the comfort is.  I don't have the luxury of being able to get a couple and try them out.  One shot deal with little room to try things - especially without shipping things back and forth all over the world (which I heard a rumor is rough on the environment..;)  But this is one of the struggles we all face as the world moves to primarily internet based commerce, some things are forgotten, like that somehow somewhere some things need to be tried before they are bought.  Specialty items are tricky, can't keep a retail store open with them, but can't buy them without trying them!?!

My mom thinks I should look into a new backpack after this weekend's endeavor, I had thought I'd go and try to get fitted just to see how far off my current one was (I can't even find picture online for it, bought in 1999?), its all about cash though - you have it or you don't!  She also thinks I should have a 'going away shower' in leuw of the baby and/or wedding showers I won't have!!  Wait?!?! Has she given up!?!)  lol.

I went back through the wintersilks page for silk apparel as well, might be a better option than the spouse beater I wore.  They have a couple things on sale.  But I don't know that it is a solution so maybe I should just pick up a shirt and see how it feels?  Still thinking I'll ask for donations from them...  I also looked at - to my horror - underwear!!  I don't know, I haven't worn briefs since probably puberty, tough call.  I put a phone call in to Vibram as well to introduce my self and the concept, but of course I was met with voicemail!!

I've gotten my hands on some of the Sierra Leone Refugee All-Stars music.  Interesting Afro-reggae inspired light sounding, heavy hearted stuff.

Also in speaking of music, I haven't been able to get this song out of my head for days.  Its this little jingle that comes on when you go to Africell's home page.  I am working on an email for them and Comium to ask about the i phone and there thoughts on my needs.  Zain, which seems to be the one with the most coverage doesn't seem to have an email address, interesting...  More to do, and the heat of the day is here, so its time to get hydrated and outside to see if my feet can handle a bit of running!!  :p

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