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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Another Day

(This post was written on Thursday the 23rd).

Malaria in Africa
Got the rest of my vaccinations done. Second time around for Hepatitis A/B, and then Yellow Fever and Typhoid. Simple as can be, except of course again for the nurse's complete and total disbelief in my view on Malaria. Wait!! You mean drugs aren't always the greatest thing ever?!!? Nope, I am not going to knock down my immune system with chemicals and synthetics just so that I don't get a disease that the drug doesn't even really completely negate. Oh, yeah and then there's the side effects as well... Bottom line, if I don't take drugs, pills, antibiotics, or anything else of the sort because they always bother me or make me sick, then why on earth would I start doing so on this trip!?!? Logic to me, but not to a lot of western medicinal practitioners. I will be eating well, getting exercise, doing chi gung an other preventative energy/medical exercises, trying to get decent sleep, and working to minimize stresses. This is the best way of PREVENTING disease and fighting it off if it does come to you in my opinion.  I usually get sick when I start listening to what other people think is best an stop listening to my own body... Plus I have insurance for an emergency.  If I do get sick, which I figure may very well happen, then I will be covered.
Malaria in the world
Ok, so enough preaching!! Vaccinations went well, a decent amount of soreness, but otherwise all good.  Then it was on to the Gamechangers proposal and getting my visa situation set up. I also got a good “putting in my place” by my stepfather. You know one of those conversations where you've been going, going, and going, and some one just sort of verbally slaps you back to reality? I needed to hear it. I'd been trying to do way to much, and needed to let some things go and focus on the things that were directly important to what I had going on right here and now for this trip/project. Many thanks...

As for the Gamechangers proposal, I have been through a number of other proposals and have a pretty good feel for what they are trying to do. I have pulled out key points that we will need to address in our proposal and the project itself. I will send these points to Kaps for his evaluation on what they think could be done there, and how best to structure the project. Lots of work to be done, but not so much that it is insurmountable. Two weeks, and all we really need is the theoretical side of the project for the proposal. So I'll finish up a report on it with some key points worth hitting on for the proposal and we will go from there.

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