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Monday, September 20, 2010


I still have a post to finish about positive developments with the Gamechangers athletics/track project, but while I am working on that I still have had a few other time sensitive things that need to be handled this week.  Wednesday is my second vaccination cycle - second round of Hep A/B and the Yellow Fever and Typhoid (both of which I have to get a prescription for).   Trying to get my self clean and healthy to make it easier to handle.  Should be interesting. 

I need to get more contact lens as well.  I have been using the same prescription and "one year supply" of contacts since 2006.  lol.  One year my butt.  ;)  But I don't have enough now to be certain if something happens while I'm there, and my glasses are from 2003/a mess.  I can't afford glasses as well, but contacts are a must.  Sadly though, in the US in order to order new ones you have to have a prescription from within one year - 2006 obviously doesn't qualify!! lol.  So working on getting something together for that. 

Still working on funding, if anyone wants to donate... now is the time!!  I leave in less than a month and am down to the bottom of my budget.  I want to say thank you to the few people that have already.  You know who you are!!


I also have started thinking more about my stove situation.  I want to use an aluminum can stove as it would be light and easy.  But I need to use denatured alcohol (methylated spirits, grain alcohol, rubbing alcohol, etc.) and I am not sure of availability over there, thus an inquiry is in order.  I found one typical backpacker stove that uses three different kinds of fuel (including gasoline) here which would have been ideally versatile - but it costs $125, so I'm gonna try the can stove first.  Maybe try to make it this afternoon...

On Thursday, right after Wednesday's vaccinations, I believe that I will be headed in to NYC to apply for my visa.  We shall see how that goes, but it is something that I am actually quite looking forward to.  Not sure why, maybe another finality thing.  I've also been trying to get some work done while in the Hammock, but not so comfortable to type in there.  It needs a pillow of some sort for sure to keep your head up.  Ok, so I need to get back to work.  Hope you are enjoying your day. 

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