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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Some initial observations

So Freetown was very interesting. So many people in such a small space. Its way too crowded. But it is the place to go for jobs, and the population exploded during and after the war. The people I was staying with were great, they have such hope and ambition in the face of such difficult conditions and a complete lack of opportunity. I have plenty written in my notebook, but need some quality time in the internet cafe to post it all. For the time being posting from my phone is not working, but I have hope! So yesterday I left Freetown on true Africa time (6 hours after it was planned) and headed to Makeni. I did get to see a lot of Freetown as we went for a walk while waiting to leave. Toured a school, saw couple factories I will try to tour later. Makeni is interesting as well. Same ambition, same poverty. Everyone wants jobs and education, but both are stretched thin, need money to guarantee both! Lots more soon!
Posted by way of 6 Pony Express texts sent to Tim's Mom who somehow figured out how to get it here!!! Am I good or what! Thank you all for supporting Tim.

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