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Monday, October 25, 2010

Making Progress

Things moving along quite well. Got the gamechangers proposal in today. Finally got on the internet. 3 hours to do 30 mins worth of work.. So we just decided to put it in and role with it.

Otherwise, we have been doing a lot of opportunity hunting. Yesterday we went to an old war-time looted jam factory. we will be looking into the viability of getting it up and running again.. Not holding breath!! Then today was about bricks and building materials, sounder footing as reconstruction requires construction, requires materials.

Othewrwise, local custom scenario is going well, but food has bothered stomach last couple days. Got a little frustrated at speed of movement today, but think it was more of a spillover from connectivity issues and trying - and not succeeding - to be connected with friend/architect. Then some other issues involving land rights that seemed concrete as well.

But anyway, moving forward. My idea for a corporate structure based on for-profit efficiency and not for profit revenue usage for the biz and community benefit are going over well. Most people talking investment are looking at profit for their pockets, not jobs and local development.

otherwise, all is good, i should start walking Thursday, with a head start Wednesday.. Let the adventure begin...

Oh, yes, and i should have you all know that i killed my first mosquito today. I know i know, i don't kill anything... Except for usage (such as food) for self defense.. Mosquitos here kill. :-/ but i did at least not take it lightly... obviously still thinking about it!!

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