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Friday, October 29, 2010

A day in the life...

So today was a very interesting African day. Got up and had two visitors before 7.30!! No time is private time!! I found two mosquitos in my net, both of which were tested for internal content and both were full of human blood.. Not the best of omens!! But as always I did some chi gung, hoping it will make a difference. Then I went for a run with moses (neither of these are typical african though!!). Of course though on the run I wanted to see a specific area and of course didn't!! Then I was supposed to meet with Mak, the rugby coach and head of athletics for the northern province. Found out later that his phone was off as it was out of charge.

I went instead to the internet place and it was not working. Its at the posh hotel that all the foreigners stay at, so I set up shop near the pool/bar area and started to write. There where two (i think british) business men all geared up, obviously on a mineral type profit making mission, then in came my crew of young african progressives - educated and trying to make a difference. Of course here was me (idealist) and then a youngish scotish ngo women, several random africans, and another american ngo/writer type. All meeting up in the same place. People that in other lights would never be in the same room. I of course struck up convo with the ngo types - and the next group of for profit guys to come in - which ones do you think I got along with!? Anyway, out of it all I might of gotten a free two day trip to a far out village next week, and also an invite to a conference on disabilities next weekend.

From there my next appointment fell through. So I headed home where dinner consisted of "bush cat". Not sure what it was, tasted good, but stomach a bit off. I think it is the oil in everything i'm struggling with... Then I waited for the first meeting's person again and eventually pushed off to tomorrow and headed to meet up with two peace corps volunteers for a little conversation. Headed from there to look at school for the disabled. Part of the school and housing are in an old slaughter house. What!? It was the first thing here that made me angry. Appalling conditions, packed into rooms, in a place designed for killing (though apparently never used). I need to go back in day light to get some pictures. From there we headed home on a motorcycle and called it a night.

Woo.. what a day. Got nothing done I set out to do, but saw some incredible things, met some interesting people, and got some other things done that I didn't intend to do... But hey, this is Africa.. Amazing place. ;)

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