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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

On the Radio!

So today was an interesting one. I spent the day at the internet cafe - and it was actually working!! So got some research in. Looking for a name for our company. Gotta set up an ngo here for implementation and in the US for donations. The government needs a proper company to partner with on the bricks. Anyone interested in being a part of it...?? ;) Lookin to put together a team!!

Anyway, the machine we'd be looking at is from a South African company called hyrdaform(.com). They make portable machines for the developing world. Makes the set up and use so easy. You can move them from site to site if you want, use the clay there, produce bricks there, build it there. No transport costs of bricks if you don't want. Good machine to start with and build from. Getting some manuals and will go from there.

Its not exactly what I came here to do, or would say my lot in life was - building bricks - but I did come here to make a difference by seeing what people want, and they want buildings, houses, schools, etc. And they don't have enough bricks to build them with. How do you rebuild a country with no finished building materials? Its a foot in the door and would be a big push from the local government. Plus I won't be running the machine, just making sure the right people do. This I can certainly do.

Otherwise, I was on sports radio here today talking about building the track. No turning back now, national broadcast!!

And on a side note- bit by mosquito this morning!! ;) Lets see what comes of it in two weeks time!! :p

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