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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Biking Lion

So yesterday I got another lesson in African "communication". We were supposed to all meet to do costings for the brick project. Kaps left at 10 just as Yapo was supposed to show up. Kaps said, "oh, I just have to go get a battery, A go com", "I'm gonna come right back" in krio. I told him we were gonna do this costing, sure, sure, "A go com".

So he comes back over three hours later with a group of seven cyclists from the US. Ummm... Yeah, he knew they were coming, he'd been working with them for two days about this, and stayed with them in Lunsar the night before on his way back from Freetown. But of course I knew nothing about it. That is the way things are here. Except with Yapo!! He is better about it.

Anyway, so there is this company ibike.org that takes educational bike tours in Africa. This group yesterday was doing two weeks through Sierra Leone. They set up stops at schools, orphanages, mines, etc. It actually sounds like a great program to me. Not sure how much it costs though. They had done 38 miles yesterday and were exhausted. They wern't professional bikers, just weekend warrior types looking to see the world. Three from Canada, three from the States, and one from Switzerland. Good people.

So we gave them some lunch, showed them the school, and then met them later for a drink. I didn't go to the school, but sounded like the ChildHelp crew and the kids teamed up to shamelessly ask for donations. They need money, everyone here does, and most everyone has no shame in asking an "opotu" for money.

As it was though, we got no costing done. So we set it up for 10am this morning, with Yapo coming at 9 to get started. Of course as I write this he just showed up at 7:30. Time here has no place!! Lol!!

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