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Saturday, November 13, 2010

The thought of leaving early

I think that the key to this whole situation is that I am staying with a family and trying to do business, and it is not working for me right now. I came here to learn, and while I am learning, I am not learning a diverse amount about the whole country. It is all about a few people in one place. Before I make any decisions about when to leave I need to get out into the original plan at least for a day or two and see if two months of walking is worth more than getting back to the States and getting to work there. I would have to leave here December 6th for it to be cost effective. That would give me 3 more weeks to walk.

Please, advice from anyone on this scenario regarding the last few posts would be greatly appreciated. One more month would be ideal, but that is not the case... I just hate the idea of leaving early, a part of me feels like It would be giving up...

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  1. Hey man, do what you feel is right. I know that is pretty lame advice, but you know it may be just what you need to hear. I would say, don't jeapardize the business aspect. If you are putting that at risk by not leaving early, then leave early. But if you can stay and it doesn't put the business at risk, do that.

    It is impossible to predict what you will see and learn over the comming weeks. Perhaps a new opportunity/idea that is not obvious now.

    Hope this is helpful somehow.