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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Why keeping money at home is desirable

Oh wait... Almost forgot about yesterdays incident!! Almost topped by today's. I got up and moved myself out of Kap's house. I packed up my big old bag and headed out. I got on the back of a bike with way to much weight on my back, unsteady holding on for dear life. Made a quick stop for bread and eggs for my new roommate Lindsay and I, and then got to her compound. Now of course it should be said that whenever a white person stops on a bike looking for something they are swarmed. Bread, eggs, sweets, money changing, whatever. From there Lindsay and I headed to Wusum hotel for some power (where I wrote this mornings post). I stopped to change some money on the way there as all my Leones had been stolen, swarmed again!! From Wusum we went for lunch back in the center. As we sat down, I realized the pocket I was carrying the rest of my money in was open and the money was gone. $220. @?&$%

Are you kidding me!? I never get anything stolen, and here I am twice in 24 hours. $560, gone. Plus the portable hard drives that I haven't been paid for yet. Amazing. But you know what, it makes me want it even more - to find success here. I have given up every financial thing I have, comfort, etc. All I have left is my heart, and that can never be taken from me!!

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