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Monday, August 2, 2010

ChildHelp Sierra Leone

So I don't know if you remember a while back when I started sending some emails of inquiry to some of the organizations that I pulled of the list of those operating in Sierra Leone.  So I have had a brief corespondence from the director of ChildHelp Sierra Leone.  They were the only organization of my first group of emails that responded.  They had had a person from Germany come last year and check things out throughout the country and were very positive about his time there in Sierra Leone.  They are also not so interested in money but of "...building greatly relationship and brotherhood in development..."

Count me in.  I am trying to set up a time that I can have a conversation with them.  Obviously for me, developing local relationships is the best thing to do and would greatly help my trip.  So from me to ChildHelp Sierra Leone, thank you for you response, and we look forward to to the future...

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  1. I have visited ChildHelp Sierra Leone office at 7 Piston Lane, in Makeni City and visited few places and i held meetings behind them too to have more information on their works.

    Many said, good about Tim Weldom's visit and staying with ChildHelp. The Director, Kaprie J G Thoronka was happy to give a very good response and so, i appreciated the visits.

    Gemstron Visatind,