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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Putting a Master List Together

So what needs to be done in order to make this trip happen?  I would hope that this could become an open forum from those of you reading it.  Please either just put a comment down below, or send them in, as you wish.  I think the best thing for me with it though will be to put down the broad strokes here, and then to go through each list (and its progress) separately and periodically.  I'm going to link each heading to a search for that topic (some don't have anything written yet though) so you can easily see what's been written if you'd like.
  • Gear - Backpacking/Living
    • Briefly though: hammock, backpack, sleeping bag, hydration, cooking setup, first-aid kit, clothing, footwear, tools, misc, etc.
  • Communications
    • Phone
    • Computer (possibly)
    • Keyboard (if no computer)
    • Solar Charger
  • Networking/Relationships
    • US based sponsors - I will be looking at companies such as Vibram and other similar businesses with specific interests in what i will be doing to help either with products and/or financial support.
    • US based individuals and organizations that are affiliated in some way with Sierra Leone.  
    • Sierra Leone based organizations and individuals that can help facilitate things on the ground during my trip.
  • Language
    • English is the 'official' language of the country, but Krio is the lingua franca and the one that I need to be working on.  I've been meaning to post of this for a while and will soon.  
    • There are also many other tribal languages that I will try to have pleasantries down with.  The two main one's are Mende and Temne. 
  •  Travel
    • Flight
    • Visa
    • Accommodation for when I first get in.  (am thinking to spend the first couple days in the cheapest place I can find to get past jet-lag and get acclimated.) 
    • Itinerary
  • Finances
    • Donations
    • Existing cash
    • Registry
  • Marketing
    • Email updates
    • Business Cards
    • Post Cards
    • Networking
  • Medical 
    • Yellow Fever Vaccine
    • First Aid
    • Insurance
    • Anything else I may need, but don't want!!
I find myself just assuming I've left some really important thing out - like 'breathing' or something - but this will have to be the start.  And again, by all means, add all the comments or responses you can.  I need the most exhaustive list I can!!

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