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Monday, September 27, 2010

Finishing it up

Big day today, started playing around with things this morning and then the day just took off.  Sorted out the phone, and then banged out the Gamechangers stuff for Kaps (more later on that).  Went and picked up the now dead automobile, managing to get it back home - limping the whole way!!  Then I sat down and started looking at sleeping bags online.  And I found a steal to good to pass up.  $60 dollars for a 40+ degree nylon and down bag from Lafuma.  THAT'S $240 UNDER BUDGET!!  Sweet!!!  Who cares if its a mummy bag, giddie up!!  Regular price is $125, but Sierra Trading Post was cheap and my friend gave me a coupon on top of it all.  I also would like to publicly thank the person that donated the money specifically for this sleeping bag... I now officially get to sleep with her the entire three months I'm gone!!  lol. Nice!!  ;) 

I wanted to buy the bag locally from Mountain Tops, but I have little choice as I know they can't do that kind of price.  I feel a bit bad, I wanna use them.  But they haven't been very proactive with helping me with my stuff.  Its been over a week and a half and the only word I've heard from them was when I stopped in there.  Still no response to my email or the things I asked about even after stopping in.  So I had to just get things done.  I leave in less than three weeks... no time to wait.

That was the premise of it all today, get it done.  I ordered the two shirts I've been procrastinating on, the Steripen, and the solar panel - which is huge in terms of having time to experiment.  But I mean screw it, the only way to now if it'll work is to get it and try it out.  If it doesn't work Amazon will exchange it for me!!  Gotta make it happen.

I now have pretty much everything of consequence bought.  Only details left...  feels nice...  relieving...  

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