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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Can Stove... can not!!

So my stepfather and I spent last night trying to construct an aluminum can stove out of some old soda cans.  Two hours later we had had fire and we had had heat, but we hadn't had anything like what we were supposed to have.  :(  We tried two different kinds of stove constructions, but neither one seemed to work properly.  We are thinking its because of the fuel.  We first tried rubbing alcohol and then pulled some denatured alcohol of of a shelf somewhere.  It just didn't seem to be getting hot enough to really do what it was supposed to do. 

In the beginning it should be just a light flame in the middle, but once it gets up to temperature, the flames should come out the little rosets to look just like a typical burner.  Upon playing with it and practically pouring the alcohol over the entire stove, we still weren't getting it to work properly...  We got about 30 seconds out of it, but it couldn't maintain... :-/  Back to the drawing board...  :-/ 

Yeah... for about 30 seconds!!

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